Sadie Wang
Jewelry & Hollowware

The Artist

Artist Statement for Jewelry

Jewelry is a most personal object because it is worn close to a person’s body. It has served as a vehicle to identify class, social status, wealth and taste for centuries. I am challenged to continue on the path in the decorative arts field and to create objects that are meaningful in our lives and culture.

Metal hollowware has been my passion for many years. I believe that through my experiences in hollowware I have become a better jeweler.  In my work I demand both functionality and aesthetic quality. Every piece that I create is a uniquely designed original piece, made with professional quality. My jewelry is designed to bring attention to the wearer while being worn comfortably. I make work for special occasions and for everyday wear.

My aesthetic vision is simple but unique. My work can appear to be quite, subtle yet possesses a strong design quality. Everyone can appreciate beautiful objects while enjoying wearing them. It is important that the work gives the tactile and visual pleasure to the wearer.

Although I am not working on my hollowware at the moment, I am determined to keep working on my jewelry to bring better and better work to you. I would like to share with you the gift that I have to design and make wonderful jewelry.