Sadie Wang
Jewelry & Hollowware

The Artist

About the Jewelry

My lines of jewelry are created with original design and intended to not only bring visual presence, but to be worn comfortably.  There are currently two active collections.

Sterling silver is the main material that I use. I also use some 18k gold and sterling silver bi-metal to create more color contrast. Small diamonds, semi precious stones and pearls are sometimes incorporated in the work to enhance design sense and to bring familiarity to traditional jewelry. My pieces are hand fabricated by me in my studio.

I creat my jewelry as visually appealing as possible and they are light weigh and comfortable to wear. I have been working with this new nature inspired three dimensional folded leaf forms in the past three years. I really enjoy the negative and positive space, front and back relationships. Using one motif and discover all the possible combinations that it can create is surprisingly fun. Repetition is a powerful tool for visual impact. I want to take this very simple element to make complicated work. More recently I am developing a combined process of my resin and folding leaf line together. They use completely different process b the end result is fresh and unique. I hope my work  capture incredible craft, design balance and beauty.